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Examples of my Work
It has been a privilege working with Brandon at                  Matching the trailer to the         We can PERSONALIZE
Lakeside Heating & A/C.                                                        truck for John Dorais was                  anything!
Contact him at...       a satisfying challenge...
www.LakesideInChelan.com                                                 Finshline Custom Interiors 

Below is a customized FLAG                      Have you seen this waving
for my husband celebrating                       Mountain Goat flag waving
his 2007 Championship                               at Chelan High School
car racing season.                                            sporting events?


Out of the Box Project?                   
We can make it happen...

Camouflaged Motorbike?               Unlimited Wall Graphics...                                               T-shirts, Sweatshirts, etc...
Yep... we can do that!                    Any color, any font, any saying, any size!                      Your design or ours!!!
                                                                                                                                             One or more!!

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